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Information regarding the details of the Village's 2017 Sidewalk Program can be found here:2017 Sidewalk Presentation

If you received a notice about the sidewalk on your property, additional information can be found here - 2017 Sidewalk FAQs  


The cost of Village Sidewalk replacement will be split 50/50 with homeowners.  The homeowner will be responsible for $27 per linear foot of sidewalk that is replaced.  Be advised, if your sidewalk area included a portion damaged by a Village Street Tree, the Village of Skaneateles will be responsible for 100% of the cost to repair that area.   The total linear footage will be adjusted during construction, and will be reflected in the final invoice.


Any comments or concerns can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   


Construction Update

The Village has contracted with Ballard Construction to complete the work associated with the Sidewalk Program.   The work is initiated when the Village and the Contractor walk the anticipated work area and delineate the segments to be replaced with WHITE spray paint and the letters DSNY (Dig Safely New York).   The Contractor notifies DSNY and all utility companies have to mark out any buried infrastructure in the area.  This process takes a minimum of 3 business day so it is initiated about one week before any work can commence. 

Once all underground utilities are marked out, the Contractor will then saw cut and removed the damaged segments and prepare the subbase for the new sidewalk.   Forms are installed for the new sidewalk and adjustments are made, if necessary, to route the sidewalk around a street or fix slope/grade issues.   Once the concrete is poured, it has to be closed from foot traffic for approximately 24 hrs and from vehicular traffic for 7 days to allow for proper curing.  The forms will be removed after 24 hours and the contractor will be responsible for final restoration, which includes topsoiling and seeding lawn areas and repairing/repaving driveways.   Final restoration shall be at or better than pre-work conditions.  Driveway restoration will not be completed until the 7th day after concrete is poured in order to avoid vehicles driving on the new concrete. 



My sidewalk has white spray paint but I want more (or less) sidewalk replaced.  How do I notify the contractor?  Please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and a Village employee will meet you at your property to discuss your concerns and establish a mutually agreeable scope of work.

The sidewalk across my driveway is being replaced so I won't have access to my driveway for 7 days.   Where can I park? Parking is available in the municipal parking lot if on street parking is not an option.   Please contact the Village Hall (315-685-3440) and we will issue you a parking pass so you do not get ticketed.   If you do receive a ticket as a result of the sidewalk work, please call the Village Hall and we will work the Police Departmet to resolve the matter.

I see the contractor working, when is mine going to get replaced?   The Contractor will be completing the work one street at a time.  Due the potential impacts of weather, we do not have a set schedule for when your street will be completed.  He will continue to work through the Fall as long as weather cooperates.  If your property isn't completed this Fall, it will be addressed in the Spring when work resumes.


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