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The purpose of this page is to provide a portal for the Parkside Homeowners to access record files for the subdivision.

  • Parkside Overall Map showing the boundaries of each Section of the Subdivision (Note that only Sections 2-4 are in the Homeowner's Association (HOA))

The following files are links to the final plats as on-file with Onondaga County:

 The following files provide as-built or contract drawings for the utilities within each section:


Notes/News to residents:

7/1/16 - Be advised that Tobin Construction will be onsite in the next few weeks to complete final construction on the subdivision.  Work to be completed includes:

  • Cleaning/flushing of catch basins and storm sewers
  • Dredging of stormwater basins on Orchard Road and Packwood Place.
  • Final construction of sand filters within the stormwater basins
  • Street sweeping and installation of top course of asphalt paving on Sinclair, Packwood and Orchard (north of Sinclair)
  • Replacement of water valve cover on Sinclair
  • Extension of concrete sidewalks at the north end of Orchard Road



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